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Circo Enterprises has been in the commercial, industrial and office real estate business for over 50 years. Circo Enterprises and its wholly owned affiliates, CSI and Pacific Realty own dozens of Properties throughout the heartland of America. Today, we invest in, with our own funds, and manage properties that we own 100%.

Circo Enterprises was formed by the merger of Circo Realty, Circo Leasing, and DPC Properties. These companies are owned by our CEO, Dennis Circo, and have acquired commercial, industrial, and retail properties since the 1980s.

For decades, we have been a family-owned business. Our dedication to streamlining the process of commercial real estate, leasing, and property management has made us a force to be reckoned with and a quality source for your organization’s needs. Our strong relationships with financial institutions and the community, as well as our devotion to the latest strategies and knowledge, give us the edge in everything we do.

Our Team

The Circo Enterprises team is the core of our success. Without these individuals, we could not create the relationships, plans, and pure devotion to our vision.


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Dennis Circo

Founder, Chairman, & CEO

Dennis Paul Circo is Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Circo Enterprises. Prior to that, Mr. Circo held the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Precision Industries. During his tenure at Precision Industries, Precision expanded from 16 Midwestern locations to over 160 locations throughout North America, Canada, and Mexico, with export operations worldwide. Annual revenues grew from $27MM to approximately $300MM. At that time, Precision Industries was the largest family-owned industrial distributor of its kind globally.

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Mary Shaffar

Senior Vice President

My name is Mary Shaffar. I have been with the Circo family for over 42 years and have held many positions throughout the years. I started as a part-time associate and went on from there to hold positions as Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Assistant to the CEO, and currently hold the position of Vice President of Administrative Services.

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Diane Harding

Vice President – Legal & Administrative Services

My name is Diane Harding. I have been with the Circo family for over 20 years. I started as a part-time associate and currently hold the position of Senior Administrative Assistant to Circo Enterprises CEO, Dennis Circo. In my spare time, I enjoy all outdoor activities and watching my grandchildren play soccer, baseball, go swimming, and taking walks. My husband, Jacob, and I have been married for 35 years and enjoy motorcycles and spending time outdoors.

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Andrea Siemek

Vice President – Skyline Woods Projects

Andrea has a B.S. in Public Relations from Northwest Missouri State University.
Her background includes time in staffing, non-profit fundraising and corporate training.
She is a native Nebraskan and is busy raising her two school age boys in Elkhorn.

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Ishma Valenti

Vice President – Director of Marketing & Media Content

Ishma Valenti is an award-winning filmmaker who focuses on making films with content pertaining to social justice issues and relationships between peoples of different demographics. Ishma, born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, is fascinated with stories of his native state. Aside from directing independent films, Ishma is a nonprofit coordinator and works to make an impact in his community by helping to co-draft legislative bills, organizing reform policies, and connecting the community to resources.

“I’ve always wanted to have a positive impact on the world, to inspire people to do great things… everyone watches television and movies on the big screen. That’s where I can make the most impact I believe.”

Ishma has a clear and concise motive, as a husband and a father of three children he juggles his time while literally and figuratively wearing many hats. “Multi-tasking is in my nature, it’s the only way I know how to function in life!”

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Gary Anderson

Vice President – Facilities Management

Hello, I am Gary Anderson, the assistant to the CEO and head security. I have been with Circo Enterprise for 1 year. I have an extensive background in law enforcement and am a Marine Veteran. I have been married to my wife for 29 years and have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren. I enjoy doing woodwork and spending time outdoors during my spare time.

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Tyler Pilant

Property / Concierge Manager

Tyler joined the Circo Enterprises Team in August of 2020 to assist with extensive research, review correlational studies, and collaborate on special projects in support of the CEO. Tyler has an Associate’s in Legal Studies and is working on becoming a certified paralegal in Nebraska. Gardening, photography, and kayaking keeps him busy in his free time.
Circo Enterprises Property Management Team Member Omaha, NE

Macy Inserra RN

Health, Wellness Admiin

Bio coming soon.

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Patricia Evans

Front Lobby Receptionist

I am recently retired and wanted to work part time. I am involved with the 70th Infantry Division Association “Trailblazers”. I enjoy embroidery, gardening, hiking, reading and over the years have traveled in Europe and the Mid-East. I love spending time with family and friends.

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Chris Anderson

Social Media Marketing Manager

Bio Coming Soon

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Tiffany Thompson

Thompson Law – Operational Legal Services

Bio Coming Soon
Circo Enterprises Property Management Team Member Omaha, NE

Zach Sidlo

Operations Manager

Bio coming soon.

Circo Enterprises Property Management Team Member Omaha, NE

Paul Circo Jr.

Research Manager

Bio coming soon.

Circo Enterprises Property Management Team Member Omaha, NE

Shannon Smay

Production Manager

Bio coming soon.

Staff Achievements

Mary Shaffar — Midlands Business Journal

How I got into the business: I was a senior at Bryan High School taking a shorthand class, and Dennis Circo called the school asking for the best shorthand student they had. My teacher told me about the possible part time job and I interviewed for the part time position and have never left. And I still use my shorthand every day, a lost art today.
Accomplishments or milestones: Receiving President’s Award and Excellence Award from Precision Industries.
First job: Precision Bearing Company.
Biggest career break: My only career has been here with the Circo family through Precision Bearing, Precision
Industries and now Circo Enterprises. 
The toughest part of the job: Wearing many different hats.
The best advice I have received: In many ups and down of life, I was told you can choose to be better or bitter when things get tough. I have always chosen to be better, because as they say “no one is in charge of your happiness except you.
About my family: Married for 42 years, three children and three grandchildren.
Something else I’d like to accomplish: Once retired, I would like to do volunteer work.
Outside interests: Love the ocean/beach, snorkeling, boating, Nebraska Husker football and Kenny Chesney concerts!
Favorite vacation spot: St. John USVI.
Other careers I would like to try: I’m not looking for a new career. I think I found my home.
Favorite cause or charity: Helping the children in our society that are in so much need these days.
Favorite app: Instagram.

Dennis Circo Addresses the Student Body at
Creighton Prep at the 2011 Alumnus of the Year event

Dennis Circo Addresses the Student Body at
Creighton Prep at the 2011 Alumnus of the Year event

Olive & Dennis Circo Speak at the Dedication
of the Dennis Paul Circo Memorial Plaza at Creighton Preparatory School in 2014

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